Unlocking the power of your people to drive change and transformation.

C-Suite Advisor and Consultant

Great leaders, teams and organizations don't just happen.

CEOs and other executives need to know what kind of leaders they are and then know what kind of leaders they have in terms of their capabilities and their commitment. And even if an organization has a strong strategy, unless it can unlock the power of its people to drive change and transformation, the strategy won't translate into business results.  

That's why CEOs and senior leadership teams call me in.

I've spent the past 25 years helping organizations activate their strategy. I also guide the creation and delivery of powerful narratives that excite employees about their own–and their organizations’–futures.  I help CEOs synthesize their direct reports into high performing teams.  

Every single strategy needs committed people to operationalize it.

If you don't want to leave your new strategy to chance, talk to me about how I can orchestrate better outcomes for your entire team.  


All my work is tailored to the specific needs, culture, and desired outcomes of each client.

What I have done in the past is an indication of what I might do for you and your organization in the future; yet every situation is unique. I have found that after discussing a situation, we may discover that the problem is not quite what it originally seemed to be. Therefore, any solution I offer will be 100% customized to your organization’s needs.  

Ways in which I can unlock the power of your people to drive change and transformation.

  • Assess your current leadership to a) identify areas of strength that can be leveraged, and b) identify capability or behavior gaps that might be getting in the way of success.
  • Create a program and a process for transforming a team in name only into a high performing team characterized by high levels of trust and accountability.
  • Help you realistically evaluate priorities and pivot those priorities as needed to deliver maximum business impact.
  • Align your Board around new operating models. 

A great strategy needs landing gears as well as wings.

I excel at inspiring individuals and teams to deliver better outcomes than they themselves often believe is possible.  

Working with Angela

Paul Miller, President and Managing Director, Informa

“Angela is focused, goal oriented and extremely adroit at helping teams drive through change management challenges to achieve business strategies. She is truly a strategic partner who works hard to create high performing cultures and environments.”  

Liam Power, President, Vintage

“Through talent assessment and coaching, Angela provides insights into what is causing a gap in performance – as a company, as an executive and as a team. Angela helps you as an executive to honestly look at your capabilities, understand what drives you and so address how you impact the organization.”  

Scott Mozarsky, President, Bloomberg BNA’s Legal Division

“Angela has a unique ability to get to the heart of key issues and come up with solutions. She also has a unique ability to help her colleagues and others shine light on obstacles that are keeping them from being effective leaders. I have watched Angela have a meaningful, positive impact on a number of leaders that has enabled those leaders to grow and prosper.”  

Marla Gitterman, Chief Program Officer, Business Council for Peace

“Angela brought a structure as well as focus, grace, and humor to a complex and emotional endeavor. With a strategic mind and deep understanding of human nature, Angela is an asset to any team managing change.”  

Let's collaborate.

Please share what you envision.

I am occasionally available for 30-minute no-obligation introduction conversations.

Angela Scalpello--Strategy Activator

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